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Safety and Security

A series of smart technologies are designed to protect you, your family, and other road users. For example, Active Braking and Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian and Cyclist Detection can warn you of potential collisions and even apply the brakes automatically if you don’t react in time.


Ford Focus pre-collision assist

Questo sistema può evitare gli incidenti o ridurne la gravità

L'indicatore di distanza rileva eventuali veicoli o persone che si trovano davanti alla vettura o che possono attraversare la carreggiata e avverte il conducente. In caso di mancata reazione, l'auto frena automaticamente. Questa nuova tecnologia è stata sviluppata per evitare eventuali incidenti o per ridurne la gravità; essa entra in funzione fino a una velocità di 80 km/h.

Helping you brake at higher speeds

The Active Braking system is an innovative safety feature that works when you’re traveling at speeds of over 50km/h. The technology uses RADAR to scan the road ahead and if it detects a collision is likely, will warn you. If you don’t react, the system primes the brakes then starts braking to help slow you down. Below a speed of 50km/h another technology is there to help you: Active City Stop. Combined, these two technologies give you the reassurance of braking assistance through the whole speed range.

Ford Focus active brkaing
Ford Focus door edge protector

Prevents annoying dents and scratches

It’s easy to bang your door against things in tight parking spaces. But open any of the four doors on a Focus and a protective barrier springs out to shield the paintwork on your car and those alongside.